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Home Insurance

Buying a house is a substantial purchase that numerous individuals will make in their lifetimes. When you make such a major investment, you need to ensure that you have it protected with homeowners insurance; should anything happen to your abode or the property inside. Having the right coverage allows you to sit back and relax, knowing that you're secured if your home or property is harmed or stolen.

Homeowners Insurance protection can cover but is not restricted to:

Personal Property Coverage, Liability Coverage, Dwelling Coverage, Other Structures Coverage, Additional Living Expenses Coverage

In addition to homeowners’ insurance for single-family homes, Elite Insurance also offers policies for:

  • Vacation Homes

  • Rental homes

  • Vacant Homes

Contact one of our representatives in your area for your free personalized quote.

We can also create insurance bundle packages to help you save on your auto, home, motorcycle or other policies.

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