Our Seminole, FL office is a new branch of the Elite Insurance Family. This office is known by locals as the First Financial Partner and is a new member of the Elite Family. Here in Seminole, FL we strongly value the importance of proper coverage on our client's homes. We know that Hurricanes ravage the area and know how important Windstorm coverage is! We are so dedicated to providing this coverage that we have found many options including one that provides Fire and Windstorm coverage to help slash your premiums! 


At this office we have dedicated and hard working agents who are very qualified at providing the best coverage at the best rate. Come say hi and talk about your Home & Auto, we're always happy to provide you with the best rate for all of your insurance needs. 

First Financial Partner

8423 Seminole Blvd.

Suite 100

Seminole, FL 337722


Call us at: (727) 498-6551

Office Hours
Monday - Friday  9:30 AM - 4:30 PM